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Ana Krstajic

Meet the Winner and Finalists Composers


WOW such an amazing honour to be supported by the extraordinary SPA Studios who gave us fantastic help and permission to use a chase scene cue from the brilliant Academy Award nominated Animation Klaus. Check it out!

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Winner · Ana Krstajic

ScoreLive Winner.JPG

Winner · Ana Krstajic


“Thank you so much for this wonderful news!

I am so grateful for this recognition!

It was such a fun and exciting experience

to score the cue! The program was truly a life changing experience”

Finalist · Bekircan Sengezer

GEMS Bekircan Şengezer.jpg

Finalist · Bekircan Sengezer


"Thank you very much. I am really grateful. I'm honoured. I would like to thank you and all the jury members. This is incredibly exciting.

Finalist · Fabian Zeidler

Finalist · Fabian Zeidler


“I am very happy and feel very pleased and honoured, that my music was selected as one of the Second Place Winners! Thanks to you and the other members of the jury for this opportunity!”

Finalist · Jeff Markey

GEMS Jeff Markey.JPG

Finalist · Jeff Markey


“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m hoping this helps lead me to a career change to film and game composition full time, you can reserve my spot.”

Finalist · Kamil Bicgel

GEMS Red T-Shirts 22.JPG

Finalist · Kamil Bicgel


I am very happy to be finalist. Thanks very much to the Score Live competition and all the judges. "The summer program was a real pleasure. I would live again these moments with all of you and the participants.”

Runner Up · Liam Diethrich

Gems Liam Diethrich.JPG

Runner Up · Liam Diethrich


"Thank you so much Nigel for putting together such an incredible program.  The amount of care you have for each one of us is very special, and I've never participated in a program with this much support towards helping everyone accomplish their career goals.  I would love to visit or potentially participate again in the future!”

ScoreLive Judges.jpg

The judges


Our ScoreLive Judges were joined by the Original Composer of Klaus, the brilliant Alfonso G.Aguilar who chose the winning composition from the finalists.

GEMS_Guest_Speaker_Alfonso_G.Aguilar  .jp2

Message from Alfonso Al

"After watching, analyzing, and enjoying each and every of the five compositions, I have to say that all of them are great, so I would like to congratulate all the finalists. Thank you for having me as a part of this beautiful action. It is always a pleasure being in touch with new talent!"

ScoreLive SkyBar.JPG


summer program

one of the prizes

ScoreLive Composers joined us for the 2022 GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program here in Spain last summer

July 1st - July12th 2022

SkyBar Welcome Drinks M

ScoreLive 22.jp2

Orchestral Recording

one of the prizes

ScoreLive Composers joined us for another opportunity to have their music recorded here in the Spanish capital Madrid, at the Teatro Monumental legendary orchestra RTVE, and a 65 piece orchestra with Harp


one of the prizes

Some of the ScoreLive Composers who brought in such fantastic energy and creativity joined us in person and online for the 2022 GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program.


one of the prizes

ScoreLive Composers had an exceptional opportunity to meet with award winning composer Christopher Young for a one on one mentoring session

GEMS Certificates · Ana Krstajic 17.JPG
GEMS Certificates · Kamil Bicgel 12.JPG
GEMS Certificates · Liam Diethrich 13.JPG


one of the prizes

ScoreLive Composers after thier orchestration class and score review

with the fabulous

Pete Anthony

ScoreLive Boarder 2.jpg


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