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Walace & Gromit

Read more about the 2021 animation and main title score challenge

Highlights from our Inaugural ScoreLive Competition


Kicking off our inaugural ScoreLive Competition back in 2021, we had the honour to be supported by Aardman Studios who gave us permission to use a chase scene cue from the brilliant Academy Award winning Animation Wallace & Gromit · A Close Shave. Check it out!

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ScoreLive Winners.jpg

Meet the competition winners

one of the prizes


Joining us this summer were our first winners, second places and runner ups composers from the ScoreLive Competition, on the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, as one of the prizes

ScoreLive ChaseScene.png

video competition


Our first compositional challenge was scoring to picture a fantastic chase scene from the Academy Award winning stop motion animation Wallace and Gromit, A Close Shave from Aardman Studios.

Winner · Sturdivant Adams

2nd place · Denizcan Aktas

GEMS Orchestral Recording  273.jpg

main title competition


If you had never composed to picture then our second compositional challenge was to write a great dramatic memorable Main Title. A singable 2 minute melody that shows off all your compositional skills. Any genre, any style.

Winner · Judah Earl

2nd Place · Gijs van Amelsvoort


The judges & mentor


Our Hollywood Judges and Mentor joined us for our inaugural ScoreLive competition, to find the best compositions from the best composers. The quality of the compositions submitted was incredible and the winners were outstanding.

GEMS Class of 2021.jpg

Hollywood masterclass

one of the prizes

ScoreLive competition winners in class with some of the GEMS composers working on thier orchestration for their compositions one on one with Hollywood Orchestrator ledgend Pete Anthony, as one of the prizes

Scorelive · Judah meets Chris  .png

Meet your Mentor

one of the prizes


Winners Sturdivant and Judah had the wonderful opportunity to personally meet with the briliant Christopher Young for a one on one mentoring session from his studio in LA as one of the prizes

GEMS RTVE Recording 2021 class.jpg

Orchestral Recording

one of the prizes

ScoreLive Composers joined us for an absolutely fabulous opportunity to have their music recorded here in the Spanish capital Madrid, at the Teatro Monumental legendary orchestra RTVE as one of the prizes

Image by Cameron Venti

LA Stay

one of the prizes

Due to the global corronavirus pandemic and restrictions, visits to stay in LA were postponed. Now Sturdivant and Judah will be going once it's safe and we can't wait to hear all about their Hollywood adventures.


Check out the winning scores that shine so bright.

Main Title

Judah Earl

1st Place Winner

"I recorded with Czech philharmonic a few months ago, I couldn't have done it without the training I received by the GEMS program! so thank you so much!"

Music to Video

Sturdivant Adams

1st Place Winner

"The ScoreLive competition is one of a kind, and GEMS was an incredible opportunity to build lasting connections and receive substantive mentoring. It was a privilege"

Main Title

Gijs van Amelsvoot

2nd Place Winner

"I absolutely loved the Gems program, it's absolutely packed with a big variety of masterclasses! I learnt a ton from THE experts in the field (the Pete Anthony orchestration class alone is a goldmine in itself!), have been inspired a lot, have gotten a motivation boost, and had a lot of fun too!"

Music to Video

Denizcan Aktas

2nd Place Winner

"It was truly a great experience to attend GEMS Programs, having my ScoreLive London competition piece mentored by Pete Anthony, and hearing my work performed and recorded by the Spanish RTVE Symphony Orchestra."




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check out the winner, finalists and some of the runner ups here

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